Artist Shanna Galloway Documents The Changing Sky Outside Her Hillside Home/Studio

First begun as color studies for a painting using pastels, Shanna Galloway has developed a series of photographs of skies and clouds with their ever-changing and expressive colors.

I welcome your interpretations.

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Saturday, March 31, 2012

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  1. A chicken pecking at something.

  2. It's Easter-- something resurrected? but mainly I see clouds and sky, for lack of better words to describe these... morning or evening scenes?

  3. the contrast between dark rain filled vapor and the light drenched clouds is rather spectacular - I don't see any barn yard animals boo too

  4. Margaret: Okay... Funny how we all see different things!

    Anon: !!!

    Anon: Yes it is. I could have made the last 3 into an Easter post if I had reversed the sequence... They are evening scenes.

    PasAdj: It's okay see a weather prediction too!