Artist Shanna Galloway Documents The Changing Sky Outside Her Hillside Home/Studio

First begun as color studies for a painting using pastels, Shanna Galloway has developed a series of photographs of skies and clouds with their ever-changing and expressive colors.

I welcome your interpretations.

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Austin Sky Seen From The Airport

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  1. brilliant

    I like the way you think sister

  2. Must have been a trick to get someone to put all those letters up in the sky. Welcome back

  3. How did you do dat, Shanna? I know where you have been. You were here, and I am glad.

  4. now that we know where she's been can we ask where she's going?

  5. PasAdj: Likewise, I like the way you think too.

    Laurie: Other than Over The River And Through The Snow To Judy's House We Go, Shanna has been wondering where the clouds are and waiting for their return.
    btw...I like your new photo. Opposite mine, it looks as though we might be related.

    Pierre: Nice to see you back here. Picasa3 has a few neat tricks.

    Dixie Jane: For the first one, it was just there. I just clicked the camera. For the second one, I used Picasa3 to put in the words on that perfectly BLUE Austin sky. Our sky here is not that pure blue that I saw in Austin.

    PasAdj: That is the question.