Artist Shanna Galloway Documents The Changing Sky Outside Her Hillside Home/Studio

First begun as color studies for a painting using pastels, Shanna Galloway has developed a series of photographs of skies and clouds with their ever-changing and expressive colors.

I welcome your interpretations.

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

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  1. bring forth
    the tumultuous creations
    of vapor and dust
    in their dreamcoat
    of technicolor

  2. the center cloud is infused with a reptilian spirit

  3. Judy:...a reference to Joseph and the Amazing Technico;or Dreamcoat...

    These really are eliciting big time themes from you!

    PasAdj: Reptilian, in this context, implies something primordial to me.

  4. I see feathers, used both as arrows and as quill pens

  5. Tumultuous creation, reptilian, feathers (birds evolved from reptiles, of course, and if you are a snob about these things you pronounce "reptile" with the accent on the first syllable and a short "i"). It evokes something primordial for me too, but something to do with lava and molten earth, especially if you enlarge the photo to the maximum

  6. arf: You really pulled all this imagery together! I didn't know that birds evolved from reptiles (accent on the first syllable). I guess I'm a snob.