Artist Shanna Galloway Documents The Changing Sky Outside Her Hillside Home/Studio

First begun as color studies for a painting using pastels, Shanna Galloway has developed a series of photographs of skies and clouds with their ever-changing and expressive colors.

I welcome your interpretations.

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Monday, May 31, 2010

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  1. I think this is what Kodak meant when they gave guidance for "cloudy bright" days on their film boxes. I think Tri-X was 1/400th at f11, Plus-X 1/100th or 1/125th at the same aperture.

  2. here I like that little streak of prussian blue down in the corner..

    arf: your comment is a reminder of photography classes where we had to learn that stuff (remember gray cards, chemical trays and red lit rooms)

  3. Cafe: So funny! And I thought it looked like water flowing over rocks!

  4. I think I see a Boz cloud shape there. :)

    Our sky looked somewhat like this today. Another beautiful series, Shanna. Have a happy weekend!

  5. ShSherree: I love knowing what everyone sees.