Artist Shanna Galloway Documents The Changing Sky Outside Her Hillside Home/Studio

First begun as color studies for a painting using pastels, Shanna Galloway has developed a series of photographs of skies and clouds with their ever-changing and expressive colors.

I welcome your interpretations.

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Monday, October 19, 2009


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  1. streaks of fire
    celestial sparks
    quiet evening
    so embarks

    upon our eyes
    to give us pause
    making up
    for other flaws

  2. We remember when our Judy was born. Now she gives birth to beautiful poetry. I am no poet, just your sister/mother who enjoys your lovely skies. October is probably my favorite month and your October Sky adds to the beauty.

  3. I caught tonights sunset and new moon from Dantes Garden above the Griffith Park Observatory. I too love fall most of all

  4. Judy: Yes, evening is so sweet, and flawless.

    Dixie Jane: How great to see you here on my blog! Enjoy October in Texas as I do here in L.A. Miss you!

    pasadenaadjacent: Dantes Garden. Really? I must go there. I've always loved Griffith Observatory but have not been there since the re-model.

  5. go go go....the restored murals in the Rotunda are not to be believed


    You are cordially invited to a blogger unveiling. Yes, I reveal my cards at last (through another person) join in on the fun

  6. I know this is going to sound like "stoner" talk but I look at your photos and realize I rarely look, and I mean really look a the sky at sundown.

  7. -K-: How nice to have you visit!

    I, myself, never really looked until I got stuck on a painting when trying to invent what I thought clouds looked like. I then began what became an on-going series.